Fun, Unique, Delicious = Fundelicious! New, Exciting, Exclusive, Great Tasting = Profitable!
  • Why Should I Sell Cool Dog?
  • Who Should Sell Cool Dog?
  • Product Specs
  • Wow your customers by offering them something new, unique and delicious that they have never seen or thought of before!
  • A delicious mix of high-quality premium ice cream in a sponge cake bun.
  • Exclusive: no other hot dog-style frozen desserts; not in retail stores or supermarkets.
  • Premium taste but only 150 calories.*
  • Perfect for all event-driven food service locations, both high-volume "pay & go" and more relaxed settings.
  • Chocolate drizzle topping creates finished product for "pay & go" and high volume sites.
  • Only hand-held ice cream novelty allowing toppings customization in more relaxed settings.
  • No labor, equipment, serving utensils or dishes, no scooping, and complete portion control.
  • Unique manufacturing process minimizes melting & mess and maximizes flavor & taste.
  • *Topped with chocolate drizzle only. Additional toppings increase total calories.
  • Cool Dogs should be sold wherever ice cream, hot dogs, or items for any type of party are sold. Here are some perfect examples:
  • Sports venues (major, minor, college, youth, community): baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, swimming, tennis, skating
  • Museums (science, natural history, children’s), planetariums, aquariums, zoos, tourist locations, railroads, cruise ships, ferries
  • Theme, water, and amusement parks, ski resorts, arcades, mini-golf, batting cages, laser tag, go-karts, bowling alleys
  • Performance centers, arenas, theatres, cinemas, drive-ins, civic centers, traveling circuses, retail “event” locations
  • Family-style/theme restaurants, birthday party locations, “ice cream” restaurants/trucks/stands, hot dog stores, diners, candy shops
  • Hotels, resorts, country clubs, casinos, camping centers, schools, colleges, medical centers, hospitals, caterers, party planners
  • Cool Dog Product Specifications:
  • Individual size: 3.25 fl. oz.; premium ice cream; 14% butterfat; pure vanilla; 70% overrun.
  • Only 150 calories: Calories similar to a diet or low-fat product, but premium taste using premium ice cream.
  • Packed and wrapped in individual sleeves; 24 per case.
  • Shipping Case
  • Pallet Information